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TIME-TRAVELER AND THE INFERNAL BASE-From the Future Dimension to Area 51 and Dulce Base

English | November 14, 2018 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B07KJTLHTK | 205 Pages | EPUB | 1.25 MB

TIME-TRAVELER AND THE INFERNAL BASE-From the Future Dimension to Area 51 and Dulce Base-10th Edition. A publication of Times Square Press?, New York.
How should you read this book? As a documentary? A work of fiction? Or a factual account? Insiders know best. Although some passages from the book could appear as phantasmagoric and unrealistic depictions of events, the majority of its contents is based upon facts and events which occurred as described in the book.
Of course, names were either camouflaged or altered in order to protect the identity of some officials who were part of this drama, whether their participation was accidental or voluntary. Nevertheless, the veracity of the accounts should not be denied or challenged, for the incidents which are presented to you did occur despite the facts that some events were dramatized. Area 51, Dulce Base, genetic programs, collaboration with non-terrestrial beings, and black ops can no longer be ignored or refuted.
Read this book with an open mind, and ask yourself what if part of it is true?
The previous editions of the book received mixed reviews as anticipated. Here are some of those reviews and our comments.
1-“Good read. Is it the truth? who knows but one thing is for sure it gets you to thinking about things that the Government might be into.”. Rating: 5 stars.
Our comment: The reviewer is right, for the government is involved in dark projects and black operations which endanger the safety and life of many. And some are considered highly immoral and a threat to humanity.
2-“Pretty good. With the read time and a little out there but different.” Rating: 4 stars.
Our comment: There are enough passages in the book which have provided the readers with plenty of well-described and detailed events and horrifying scenes. We concluded that additional frightening scenes are no longer deemed necessary.
3-“Incredible information that I believe to be true although the names have been changed in order to present this factual story as fiction. The world needs to know that there is much more going on below their noses than they can even imagine.” Rating: 5 stars.
Our comment: The reviewer is right on, and no further comment is needed.
4-“Too many spelling errors. If this was a script 12yrs ago, I can see why it was canned.
Not a good read, IMHO. Rating: 1 star.
Our comments: True, the book was published 12 years ago; it is indeed, the first and original account which exposed what was going on at Area 51 and Dulce Base. However, the date of the publication is irrelevant, because facts are facts, and time does not erase what has happened, and the public has the right to know. Thousands of books were written about ancient history going back to the dawn of humanity and various phases and times of humanity’s history. This, should not diminish the importance and veracity of historic events. As to the spelling errors, this problem was solved in editions which followed the previous ones.
5-“Another piece of the puzzle. Follow the leads. Consider the names have been changed
Don’t think for a second that there is not any truth to this. Rating: 3 stars.
Our comment: The reviewer told the truth.
6-“I COULDN’T put this book down once I open my mind to its possibilities, fact or fiction. The reader must decide. Many facts hard to ignore them. It definitely got me thinking. God forgive us if even a bit of it is true. A disturbing read. Rating: 5 stars.
Our comment: Right on.
7-“According to the book, there spread out vast arrays of tunnel like cities below the town. Reading of the book gives you a sense of sci-fi. But as you read further on, you may also feel like going into abyss of underground world. The author says quoting some people who have witnessed activities down there are working several species of Aliens together with human beings. Their purpose is to create hybrid humanoids…the book is worth reading as one which stimulates your mind.” Rating: 4 stars.



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